Small home renovations

Check out our 5 ideas on home renovations you can do before the holidays

Most home renovators spent $15,000 in 2017 on updating their home. However, the top spenders last year spent over $90,000 on DIY updates.

As the holiday season approaches you may not have the time or budget to invest in any big projects. But, you can still give your home a new look with some simple updates that anyone can do.

Read all about small home renovations that you can quickly and easily tackle before your holiday guests arrive.


Freshen up the Trim

While painting the whole house may not be an option, you’d be surprised what a difference a fresh coat of paint on the baseboard trim can make.

Over time, trim gets scuffed from shoes, the vacuum and so on. Repainting the trim the same color or changing the hue can make a huge difference in the room.

Don’t be surprised if your holiday guests compliment your fresh wall paint or ask you what you did to update your home. This small detail is easy to do in a day and makes the whole space look sharp and crisp.

Make sure you read up on DIY painting tips if you are a novice so that the trim looks expertly done.

Update the Lighting

A new, modern light fixture is another small home renovation that literally lights up the room.

Sometimes, the only way to pinpoint the age of a house is by looking at outdated ceiling lights. Each decade seems to have certain styles that are popular. If your home is in pretty good shape but has some dated fixtures, now is the time to upgrade and transform your room.

Depending on your budget you may be able to only update the light fixtures in one room or the whole house.

Bright lights can make your space look larger. If you have any dark corners in the home, consider adding floor lamps or a desk with a lamp to brighten up that nook.

In your kitchen, an oversized statement lighting fixture can serve as the focal piece of the room. Same goes for hanging pendant lights over an island or countertop.

Even the boring hallway can sparkle with some statement lighting choices. There are so many stunning choices on the market these days. And it\’s sure to be noticed by your holiday visitors.

Get New Knobs and Pulls

You may not have the budget or time to do a whole kitchen reno, but in just an hour or so you can replace all your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with sleek, new styles.

If you have small round wooden knobs, you can upgrade to shiny chrome or antique bronze levers or squares. The change of shape will give your whole kitchen a facelift.

This is one simple and inexpensive project that you can do quickly with just a screwdriver.

And then, down the road when you are ready for new cabinetry, you can keep your nice new knobs and pulls if you want to.

Bottom Line on Small Home Renovations

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed these small ways to update your home that won\’t break the bank and still give your space a fresh look and a big wow.

Small home renovations are inexpensive and need a small time investment. If you’re ready for something a little bigger, we suggest a fresh new color scheme for your home.

Check out this post on 10 tips for selecting a color palette for your space.