Unique paint ideas

Paint Ideas to Make a Statement in Your Home

If your interior needs a paint job, don’t stress. Painting does not have to be tedious; you can get creative, make it fun, and impress your guests with your design!

After all, if you’re going to put the time and effort into painting, why do the same old thing?


Unique Paint Ideas

These 5 unique paint ideas will help you make a statement and turn your interior walls into art.

gallery With Colour

Nobody can argue that colours impact people. They trigger memories, feelings, and at the very least, stimulate you visually. Colour psychology suggests that each hue triggers certain associations and or emotions.

It suggests:

  • black– power, elegance
  • white– purity, cleanliness
  • red– love, excitement, desire
  • orange– enthusiasm, attention, hunger
  • yellow– warmth, energy
  • green-nature, tranquility, wealth
  • blue– stability, wisdom
  • purple– wealth, mystery, wisdom, royalty
  • brown– strength, reliability

You may want to keep this in mind when choosing colours for different rooms. However, don’t limit yourself to the basics! Switching the shade changes the connotation as well! For instance, lime green gives off a way different feel than forest green.

If you decide to get a little funky with unique paint colours, think about an accent wall, to contrast and pop. For example, throw a teal wall in a gray room or a bright orange wall in a white room to give it depth.


Gradients draw the eye and look fantastic! You can choose a single colour in multiple shades or create an ombre that switches into other colors. Pinks and light blues make for super pretty paint colours to ombre with, while grays and browns offer a little more masculinity.

If you want to stay simple, stick to a two-toned wall colour. If you\’re looking to get extra fancy, try a sunset or night sky ombre.

Chalk It up to Creativity

Another unique wall paint is magnetic chalkboard paint! This paint works awesome for the playroom and will help to keep your other walls pencil free.

No little ones around? No worries!

Nobody says you cannot join in on the fun. Research suggests that brainstorming walls boost creativity and improves thinking. This makes chalkboard paint perfect for your home office, where you can brainstorm with colored chalk, write inspiring aphorisms, and post important info with magnets!

Texture Your Home

Textured paint turns your walls into works of art! They also help hide little marks and fingerprints on the walls. The textures can feel sandy or smooth and you can choose from endless design options.

Some texture ideas include:

  • swirls
  • splatters
  • linen effect
  • faux wood
  • faux plaster
  • sponge effect
  • broken finish
  • marbelized

Textures expand your pallet and allow you the opportunity to make the room feel like it’s from another place and time.

See the Big Picture

Murals add an unmatched artistic dimension to any room! Use colors in the mural that accent and or complement the other walls and make the room one of a kind. You can make it as simple as cherry blossoms on a dining room wall or a starry night on the bedroom ceiling, or as complicates as a peek through your living room wall into another world.

Paint Away!

Picking a paint design should never feel like a chore. Have fun and choose unique paint ideas to make the house feel like your home.

Choose one of these ideas or let them spark your creative side! Get a quote for our interior painting services today!