About Paysons Painting

Paysons Painting was founded in the year 2007.  It is a smaller owner run husband and wife team.  Being a small a business run company ensures to our customers that every project requested will have the owners Michael, Moya, or a highly qualified foreman present on site at all times.  This ensures Payson’s high standard of quality.  All other employees are hand picked by the owners and must meet the necessary requirements.  We keep our crew small so we can keep our quality high.  Our mission has always been our quality of workmanship is much more important then the amount of work we do.  Through our connections in the industry we also have several more on-hand employees available for large scale projects, if necessary, all who meet our high standards.

Our team enjoys doing our jobs and completing projects in all aspects of the painting industry.  Being around for so long and by completing thousands of projects on the way, we have the expertise to complete new construction, residential repaints, interior, exterior, and commercial.  

Paysons strives for complete satisfaction for our clients.  From the very beginning we offer the services of our professional designer.  We want to make sure you are happy with the colours even before a brush touches the wall.  To the end of the job when you will receive a full warranty on all workmanship and materials.  At Payson’s we guarantee each and every project we complete so all of our customers are satisfied customers.

Michael Payson

Michael Payson (Owner)

Owner Michael Payson has over 20 years of extensive experience from every part of the trade.  Michael has worked on everything from new construction, residential repaints, commercial, and even painting pipeline in the oilfield.  He started painting at the early age of 17 years old as one of his first jobs.  He liked it so much he has been painting everyday since for the last 21 years.  Along the way he has worked for great companies and learned the art of painting from master painters.  Michael is a person who truly cares about the workmanship and value he gives to his customers.  He is an honest, particular, and hardworking business owner.  He has a great eye and attention to detail which is an important trait in the painting industry. 

Michael is lucky to have a great family life with all his immediate family living close by.  His mother, father, and two sisters all live in the NW.  His two sisters each have children and families, while his niece also has one child and expecting another.  Making Michael a great uncle!  Michael and Moya share a beautiful daughter named Amoy.  He loves spending his time with his wife and daughter getting up to anything exciting around Calgary. 

In his free time Michael has always been interested in participating in sports.  He grew up playing all sports, particularly gravitating to baseball.  As a teen his hard work had materialized to earning a spot on team Canada.  His enthusiasm for sports has also earned him an award as athlete of the year at his local Calgary school.  While those days have faded away he still loves to get to the mountains for a day of snowboarding out in the fresh mountain air. 

Along with snowboarding in his free time Michael enjoys his time out with his golden retriever Piper.  They can often be found walking and training at the local dog parks or discovering a new trail along the river.  

Michael likes to keep himself busy with many other interests including working out at the gym, swimming, reading, yard work, and of course taking time out to spend with his family, wife, and daughter.