Best kitchen paint colours

Best Kitchen Paint Colors For a Small Space

However small it is, the kitchen will always be the heart of your home. It is the place that gives you the energy you need daily and space where you host your guests for small parties or get-togethers.

When choosing the ideal paint colors, take the time to settle for an option that energizes your kitchen.

Simple colors on your walls and cabinets can help to make your small kitchen appear large if done right.

Here are some of the best kitchen paint colors you can consider painting your kitchen.

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1. White on White

White is traditionally one of the preferred colors for the kitchen, and it’s an ideal option if you want to give your small kitchen an impression of spaciousness.

Painting your cabinets and walls white helps to lighten and brighten your space. It also lends unique uniformity and simplicity that breathe life into your kitchen.

Ensure to complement the color with furniture and kitchen accessories that complete the design.

2. Toned-Down Yellows

Like white, yellow is a winning color that suits just about any kitchen size, including smaller ones.

Light yellow is a friendly hue that raises eyebrows and gives your space a distinctive feel.

To complete your kitchen theme, you can have white ceilings, wooden floors, and light yellow walls. The yellow walls help to reflect ambient light that also gives your kitchen a spacey feel.

3. Light blues

This one will work well for modern kitchens with clear glass walls. The outdoor light that passes through the glasses accentuates the blue theme even to look great.

If you choose light blue, consider pairing with white or gray to add depth and warmth. A combination of these three colors will also be more appealing.

Remember to choose a pattern that gives your kitchen a personal design and feel. Blues are some of the best kitchen paint colors when used in moderation.

4. Warm neutrals

Most colors can be neutrals as long as they have enough tint or shade. Neutral colors, such as gray and beige, can be somewhat boring when used alone.

Fortunately, you can warm them up with colors, such as red, orange or yellow. If you want to cool them down, your color options include blue, violet, and green.

When done right, warm neutrals can help to give your small kitchen a sophisticated appeal that makes meal fun and sweet.

5. Shades of Green

Add the right amount of fun and energy to a cramped kitchen with light green walls and deep green shelving.

Green shades will work great with a white ceiling or a touch of white and rich browns on the cabinet.

Alternatively, you can have a green ceiling with white walls and gray cabinets.

The final design should be a reflection of your personal interests and preferences.

Best Kitchen Paint Colors – The Bottom Line

When picking colors for a small kitchen, keep in mind that the theme should be what you want.

You can opt for light, bold or neutral colors as long as they give your kitchen the right energy. Try to make the theme playful by contrasting deep options with light ones.

When uncertain, consider working with Paysons Painting and their interior painting designer to select the best kitchen paint colors that suit your design and setting.