Paint colours for small rooms

The Best Paint Colours for Small Rooms

Did you know that painting a room in the home is the most popular DIY activity in the world? And studies show that painting a room certain colours is sure to add value to your home.

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon, as this immensely popular project could also end up netting you big bucks.

What’s more, painting your living room in one of the following colours will actually make it look bigger!

For those living in apartments or small homes, create a roomy feel with these paint colours for small rooms:

Top Four Paint Colours for Small Rooms

There are four main colours that will make a living room look larger: smoky taupe; matte, almost dull navy; eggshell off-white; and grey with a hint of green.

As you can see, it’s not all beige — and that’s a very good thing! If you want a pop of colour in your living room but want the space to feel airy and large, you can try dull mint greens or navy blues.

Pro Tip: Paint your walls and your trim the same colour, as it makes the room look taller. Especially if you choose small living room paint colours on the lighter end of the spectrum, this hack can really open up your space.

Consider an Accent Wall

An accent wall can splash a bit of color — or even a funky wallpaper print — into a small room but beware of dim paint jobs that make you claustrophobic. Accent wall paint colours for small rooms include toned down orange, metropolitan greys, and deep indigos.

You’ll need light ceilings, walls, and trim to balance these out, but especially with contrasting furniture, you can make an accent wall pop! Balanced neutrals will also bring out the accent in your accent wall.

Check out some before and afters of interior colour, and see which rooms look more spacious, updated, and welcoming.

Getting Specific

If you want to drill down further, one of the brands with the right mix of specific colours to make your living room look larger is Benjamin Moore. Cloud White is one of their most popular go-tos for living room ceilings and walls. The soft, non-invasive color creates an airy quality in a smaller room.

Farrow & Ball’s Skylight is another specific color many people start with as a gold-standard for living room renovations. The clean, chilly grey invokes peace and tranquility, while also making a small space seem larger. A perfect color for almost any home, Skylight allows colorful furniture, wall hangings, or design to shine.

Expert Painting for Small Rooms

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