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A man paints a white wall in home

10 tips for a perfect DIY house painting job

10 TIPS FOR A PERFECT DIY HOUSE PAINTING JOB Painting your home can be a rewarding project that can help refresh your living space and give your home a new look. However, it can also be a daunting task, especially if you have little experience in painting. If you are planning to paint your home

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Baby boy room colour

How to Select a Baby Boy Room Colour

Back in the day when you selected a baby boy room color, you only had one option, blue. But in 2018 tides are changing and the options are endless. Learn how to select a color that makes sense with this helpful guide.

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Room makeover

Are You Ready For a Room Makeover? Get Painting!

Did you know that 56% of home improvement projects cost more than $1,000? Home improvement can be expensive, even if you’ve set out to complete what seems to be a small project. From new flooring to new lighting, the costs of making over a room adds up quickly. Want to change the look and ambiance of

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Painting Stucco

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Stucco

Your home is your most prized possession. So, it only makes sense that you want to avoid mistakes when doing any type of renovation. Especially when it comes to painting stucco. If you’re not familiar with painting stucco, then things can get a bit challenging – and mistakes can occur. These mistakes can cost you time,

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Baby girl nursery ideas

7 Adorable Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Preparing for a baby’s arrival can be fun but also challenging. One of the biggest challenges is setting up the baby’s room. If you are having a girl, you need to come up with adorable baby girl nursery ideas. Make sure you plan everything before changing the room. Know all the measurements and what you

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