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Learn How To Choose a Reliable Calgary Painting Company from our team

Are you in need of the help of painting professionals? Choosing the right painting company is an important decision. Picking the wrong company is something no homeowner wants to deal with.

Working with an unreliable company likely means shoddy workmanship. A recent survey by Consumer Reports shows 20% of contractors are either unlicensed or uninsured.

You\’ll want to ensure you choose a reliable painting company. Knowing what makes a painting company reliable is important. Did you know a professionally painted home can increase the value of your home?

You don\’t want to be stuck with a final product that is shoddy and rushed. Choosing the wrong company could cost large amounts of both time and money.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find a reliable Calgary Painting company.


An Experienced Calgary Painting Company Is Best

You don’t want to have anyone new at their trade working on your home. It’s difficult to trust newer companies because they aren’t established. You’ll want to check how long local painting companies have been in business.

It’s best to choose a painting company with a few years of experience. Not all new companies provide poor quality of work, but you won’t have to wonder about experience when working with an established company.

Does the Business Have Required Licenses?

It is important that a painting company has proper licenses and insurance. Painters with proper licenses will have to have completed all the proper paper work. These are industry-wide measures of their ability to perform painting work.

A company with no licenses has no proof they are right for the job.

You\’ll want to ensure a Calgary painting company has some form of liability insurance. Companies without liability insurance leave you on the hook for accidental damages which can cost you big time.

Check for a Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau rates business on a letter grade system, ranging from A+ to F grades. A company with a higher BBB rating tends to offer increased customer satisfaction.

A rating for a company lowers as they receive customer complaints. This bureau lets customers know who is and isn’t trustworthy.

Hiring a painting company with no Better Business Bureau rating might be risky.

Is a Guarantee Offered on the Work?

Many companies confident with their work include a guarantee. Guaranteed work offers extra peace of mind.

No guarantee means no protection in the near future. A problem that happens a day later is your burden without a guarantee.

Reliable painting companies offer guarantees upward of a year on their work.

Ask Family and Friends for Recommendations

A great source of painting company advice is your family and friends. These people close to you may have had recent painting work done. You’ll find family and friends will give you the truth about which company to go with.

It’s never a bad idea to see if that company has a referral program. Certain companies offer referrals to those who send business their way.

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