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Calgary Stucco Painting

Paysons Painting is the premier choice for Calgary stucco painting.  Completing hundreds of projects over the years, our Calgary stucco painters have the experience to know exactly what it takes to do a fantastic job. 

It all starts with the proper prep work and materials.  We start by giving your stucco painting project a high pressure wash to remove dust and dirt to ensure proper adhesion of the new coating. Any holes and cracks will be repaired with stucco patch. All surfaces and surrounding areas will be taped off or covered for protection from over spray.  Your stucco will then be sprayed and back rolled with two coats by highly experienced, qualified, and skilled painters to ensure a high quality job. 

 Over the years we have found the best paint for stucco to be semi elastomeric for most residential homes or a full elastomeric for stucco that may be in rough shape or is more brittle.  This will give you years of protection from the elements and great curb appeal.  As always our workmanship and materials come with a full guarantee and you don’t pay a cent until we are finished and you are 100% satisfied.  Call our stucco painters today!

We are licensed, insured, guaranteed and have full WCB coverage. Just call us for a free estimate at (403)971-0912 or click on our:

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Semi and Full Elastomeric Coatings:


Elastomeric coatings are the tried and true method for painting exterior masonry surfaces.  Dont let your contractor talk you into using a regular exterior latex paint because its cheaper.  While great products they are just not meant to be used on stucco.  The problem being the stucco and not the paint.  Stucco is a very brittle material especially as it ages.  Latex paint is not a thick enough material to be able to hold that stucco together which results in wind blowing pieces of stucco off resulting in yearly touch up and an unsightly paint job. 

Elastomerics on the other hand are meant to be applied at high builds up to 12 mm wet and 5 mm dry, which is about 10 times as thick as latex paint.  This will also bridge cracks on the surface and will absolutely hold the stucco together.  While these materials are so thick and waterproof they have also been engineered to be breathable at the molecular level to allow moisture to escape the film without blistering the finish.  


Top reasons to use elastomeric paint:

-High build material which bridges cracks, holds the substate together, and will prevent water penetration

-Elastomeric properties allow for expanding and contracting of surfaces.  This will reduce any chances of peeling or cracking

-Breathable which help with peeling and cracking due to moisture

-Excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces

-Highly weather resistant for Canadian winter and summer

-Fantastic colour retention.  Colour and gloss will be maintained longer and fade less. 

-Low temperature application.  This helps with those cold spring mornings and allows us to paint later into the season.


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