Wall colour combination

Our tips for great Wall Colour Combinations For Your Bedroom

Are you looking for the right wall colour combination for your bedroom?

The shades you choose for your walls can influence your mood, intimate life, and even the quality of your sleep.

For example, a lot of people go for neutral colours like grey, eggshell or coffee. They represent serenity, warmth, and coziness and are easy to combine with other interior details.

If you want a pop of colour in your bedroom, you can paint one wall in a bolder shade and the rest in a lighter one.

Some homeowners are on the opposite spectrum, choosing navy blue, deep red, purple or brown.

Keep reading to discover the best colour combinations for your bedroom walls and how to find the best one for you.

Consider Neutrals

You can’t go wrong with painting your bedroom walls neutral. Choose eggshell, ivory, cappuccino, beige, caramel or cream, and then match the interior design to fit the aesthetic.

When the walls are earthy and warm, everything else in the room can have pops of colour, darker shades, and different patterns.

Combine Shades of the Same Colour

If you’re not too keen on mixing different colours, try combining shades of one specific colour.

For example, if you have blue as the main colour, you can paint one wall sky blue or turquoise and the rest in midnight blue or indigo.

The same goes for neutrals. Paint one wall brown and keep the rest beige.

For easier combining, use colour swatches to compare the shades. You can find these at any home improvement store or with your painter.

Be Bold With Bright Colours

Sometimes, the best wall colour combination is the boldest. Not many people choose vivid colours like bright pink, yellow or green for their bedrooms because they’re not very relaxing.

But if you want to add some playfulness and freshness to your walls, these can be a great choice for you.

Consider an Accent Wall

A popular wall colour combination is painting an accent wall. It’s an attention-grabbing way to create a little depth in your bedroom without the overwhelm.

Accent walls can be a bit tricky, so you need to know how to combine the two colours in the room.

This wall will be the focal point in the room, so make sure you choose a colour you’ll love seeing every day.

Go Dark

Darker colours will give your bedroom a luxurious feel.

Consider navy blue, deep purple, chocolate brown, dark grey, dark red and even black.

Then, you can add some metallic or matte wallpaper accents in gold, silver or copper to break up the monotony.

You can combine several shades of the same dark paint if you want a single main colour in your bedroom.

Ready to find your favorite wall colour combination?

Now that you know how to combine colours for your bedroom walls, it’s time to get painting!

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