Exterior Painting Services in Calgary

Why Paint Your Exterior?

Exterior painting is important to beautify and protect your home while also adding great curb appeal.  It is the first line of defense against the weather, and the first thing your eyes see.  Our exterior painters can handle everything from trim, siding, stucco, decks and fences. We will help to protect your biggest investment.

Exterior painters in calgary

When it comes to exterior painting, it’s crucial to get it done correctly. Over time, the weather can take a toll on all surfaces, so it’s essential to ensure that all areas are adequately prepared, and the right materials are applied to protect the exterior of your home from the elements.

Paint not only serves a vital role in safeguarding your home, but it’s also critical for enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to boost your home’s value or take pride in where you live, painting is an affordable way to achieve these goals.

At Paysons Painting, our Calgary exterior painters have over 20 years of experience painting exteriors. We know precisely what it takes to get the job done right. Our team ensures that all peeling paint is scraped and sanded, holes are filled, cracks are caulked, surfaces are primed, and receive two full coats of premium paint.

What’s more, our work comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Contact us today for your free quote at

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Our Calgary Painters Reviews

Paysons Painting
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We were in search of a painter and were happy to find one in the community and wanted to support a local business.Mike, Moya and team were tasked with painting our newly constructed staircase railing – a job too detailed for me to do without messing up! It was a big job as all the spindles are black iron with the rest all paint-grade wood that we wanted white. We were under the impression we had to brush or roll it, but to our surprise Payson’s Painting was able to spray it – after a ton of taping and masking that is!We’re super happy with the result and they made sure that we were happy – doing touch ups and resprays where the finish didn’t take the first time.The clean up was stellar too! When it was all done it felt like a new home! So many compliments on it.We’re going to have them spray our new doors too ;)Would recommend Payson’s Painting!
Damon Reidel
The Paysons team did a fantastic job repainting our recently purchased house. It was a challenging job and they delivered with top quality work. It was my mother who recommended them to us from her experience on a much smaller job and I am recommending them to anyone who wants top quality work done on their home.
Torrey Swan
The Payson team were fantastic to work with. With three trades working on the renovations Payson was by far the most flexible and accommodating of other trades while completing the work on time and on budget. Painting out tired wooden stair rails and kitchen cupboards exceeded our expectations. Thanks Mike and all the team. Well done.
David Clark
I am very thankful working with Mike and his team !They have been so nice Respectful, clean, friendly and over all an amazing job. I am more than happy. I got my house writing time as we deal ,extremely happy with colour and a great job they did!They would be my number one calling for any Painting for house or business!
Lume Çoçaj Duraj
I have used a few painting companies in the past and paysons painting is the best painting company i have come across, in my opinion they are the best calgary painters, i highly recommend there service.
Benjamin Freire