Facts about paint and design

These are some Fascinating Facts About Painting and Design

Property owners in Calgary are enjoying a trending seller’s market, with home prices on the way up, up, and away in 2017. With an upswing in prices, more homes will be listed and more competition will flood the market. How can learning the facts about painting position you as the owner of the home people most want to see?

It all comes down to putting a fresh coat on your ideas about paint. Set down the roller and scroll for just the facts.

Everyone Gets Stuck Sometimes

Those walls.

They’re just so… white.

Out of nowhere, it happens.

You’re all ready to start a painting or design job, hit the store to get some inspiration, and get going on a beautiful new creation, when suddenly, you’re just stuck.

Don’t worry, being creatively stuck happens to everyone

Whether you forgot your big idea or just can’t grasp any ideas or inspiration, take a big deep breath, and consider a few ways to jog your juices:

  • Look at what you have and consider what you don’t like. Instead of thinking what you want, use what you don’t want to keep as a jumping off point.
  • Think about what inspires you outside the walls you’re planning to paint. If you spend a lot of time in the ocean, blue colours may be a way to point yourself.
  • Visit sites (yes, online counts too) of artists, contractors, and other people whose work you admire.
  • Give yourself a break, literally. Step away from the painting! Get some fresh air (always good when dealing with paint) and don’t blame yourself.
  • Get professional help. No, not a therapist. If you’re just really stuck, a professional painter may be just what you need to get your project moving.

Healthy Painting Pointers

We’ve long been aware of some of the dangers of inhaling a face-full of paint, but one of the best facts about painting is that paint is getting healthier as we educate ourselves!

Yes, it requires a bit of buyer beware, but the good news is, you can select healthier paint products (or ask for help from your painting professional).

According to Princeton University, there are several tips you can use when protecting yourself from paint:

  • Choose a paint with the word “hue” in its name, as it will have zero to almost no toxic metal.
  • Avoid dry pigments when possible. If you need to use dry pigment, protect your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling the substance.
  • Know ahead that all acrylic paints contain at least some percentage of ammonia, which can irritate orifices.

Spending on Paint Can Bring ROI

That small acronym, ROI, stands for return on investment, and it can bring big money.

Many property owners undertake a number of repairs and makeovers when they are planning to put their property on the real estate market, and painting is usually right at the top.

Yes, it can be cringeworthy to get quotes because painting can be quite an expense, but it’s worth it

This among the top proven facts about painting: a fresh paint job can make your house more sellable and possibly for higher amounts.

At Penn State University, students learn that new paint can help a home stand out, especially in a tough “buyer’s market.” 

Who doesn’t want a purchase to look brand, spanking new?

Where to Get More Facts About Painting

You know how there’s a magazine for everything?

Those in the painting industry (or just interested in the subject matter) have a place to get tons of facts, news, and make connections, too.

It\’s called American Painting Contractor magazine, available free to interested readers who qualify.

Readers of the print and or digital issues get topics including:

  • Paint industry spending trends
  • Painting legislation
  • Trends in stain and wallcoverings
  • Weather planning

Plus invitations to conferences, seminars, and networking.

Don’t Eat this Popcorn

Ever look up and want to scrape off part of your ceiling or home exteriors, pour on a little butter, and have a snack? 

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Turns out that popcorn painting, which had its heyday in the 1950s and 60s, actually served a useful purpose. 

More formally known as “stucco style,” the “popcorn” was actually beneficial for tamping down on noise.

It’s also a good cover for seams and tape marks that often get left behind after a paint job!

Ready to Change Your Colours?

Whether you need a slight patch match or want to head to a completely different spot on the colour rainbow, you’ve come to the right paint place.

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