Best exterior paint colours

A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colours

If we asked you how many colours you think there are, what would you answer?

In case you’re trying to come up with an estimate, you can stop right there. There’s no way we can count it, since they come in an infinite number!

This in mind, how would you then choose the right paint colour for your home? Well, that depends on which part of your home the coat is for. For instance, the best exterior paint colours can boost your home’s value by more than a thousand dollars!

At the same time, choosing inappropriate colours can wreck more than your wallet. It can also affect the feelings, moods, and emotions of everyone in your household. There’s science behind colours, after all.

Don’t worry though. We’ll show you the ropes on this one. So, keep reading to get your exterior paint colors right the first time!

1. Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

Each architectural style has a corresponding colour palette. That’s why you also need to figure out whether your house features a Victorian, conventional, or contemporary design.

Keep in mind that some colours work best for cottage-like or craftsman rustic-style houses. Often, these include the warm tones, like beige, brown, or khaki.

On the other end of the spectrum are the country and modern style houses, which look awesome in cool colours. These include grays and blues.

Pro Tip: Neutrals, especially grays and blues, are easy to work with. They complement a huge array of other colours, even pastels. They’re so versatile that they’re excellent choices even for your exterior oak trim.

2. The Surrounding Area

Choosing exterior paint colour also depends on what exactly surrounds your home. Take the time to look at your property’s geography. Are there more plants and trees or do you have a lake in the background?

The important thing is, the paint colours you choose should work with and not against the surrounding area. Greys, blues, and earthy colors work for both.

If you want something “outside of the box” though, it’s best to talk to paint experts. They can provide you with accurate colour combinations and matches, which reduces your risks of making a huge (and expensive) mistake.

3. The Existing Exterior Components

Unless your plans involve a full home renovation, you most likely will retain the existing roof, pathways, and other exterior components. Don’t forget to consider their appearance too when choosing a house colour.

Remember: These elements are difficult and expensive to alter. So, if you pick the wrong exterior paint colour, you’ll have a mess in your hands.

It’s much like how you’d pick your exterior colours with the surrounding area in mind. You most likely wouldn’t want red if the existing parts of your home are green, would you? That’ll make your home appear Christmas-y all year long.

The bottom line is, it’s best to stick to cool colours if the roof, bricks, or stones are cool.

The Best Exterior Paint Colours Breathes Life into Your Home

The best exterior paint colors are different in every case and for every home. Your personal preferences also influence whether they’re the best for you or not.

That said, it’s 100% understandable if you can’t decide right away. Especially since exterior paint jobs can cost you a few thousand dollars!

So, instead of risking it, get in touch with a paint service expert. They know which colors work for which, and will guide you towards making the right exterior paint choice.

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