Calming paint colours

These colour will Create a Calming Atmosphere

With a rainbow of colours to choose from when you’re decorating your home, picking one seems like an impossible task.

Ever stepped into a room and felt like it was closing in on you? On the other hand, maybe you sat down in a cozy spot and felt all your troubles drain away.

Pick the right colours and it’ll feel like your home is welcoming you into a calm and relaxing atmosphere like a giant hug.

Keep reading to find out how Calgary house painters can help create your calming oasis.

A Note on Reds and Yellows

Reds and yellows are energizing colours. Pretty though they are, rich reds (or colours with deep red tones, like orange) can actually raise blood pressure and disturb your sleep.

Vibrant yellows are invigorating. They’re great for when you need a lift, but not the best colour for a bedroom or living room, where you want to get away from it all.

Blues Help You Sleep

The colour blue works the opposite way as red. It generates a soothing, peaceful environment.

Blues work great in bedrooms, as it can actually help you sleep.

Light blue invokes memories of a clear sky or a tranquil sea. Choosing a similar colour for your room will nourish the soul.

Greens Help You Relax

Humans are creatures of habit, so we habitually associate greens with the nature around us.

Who of us doesn’t feel our hearts lift and our tension ease when we’re walking in a meadow or through the forest?

Choose olives, pastels, and softer greens for your Calgary house painters to use in your home. Accent walls in a reception room, office, or bedroom can help you focus and rest. It also creates a relaxing atmosphere for your friends when they visit.

Whites and Neutrals Create Space to Breathe

Often, when you’re in a bigger space, you feel less claustrophobic and more relaxed. Whites and neutral tones make your room feel larger and more open, so opt for it in smaller rooms or anywhere you want to create space.

Conversely, dark colours can draw walls towards you and make a space feel smaller. This is great if you want to make a room cozy and comfortable. But if you’re looking for space, avoid dark colors.

Because of its space-creating qualities, white is also a great option for ceilings to give it a sense of height and breadth.

Calm Yourself with Lavenders

Lavenders tone down the invigorating power of red with an injection of restful blue.

Pale lavenders can make a room feel light and airy. Go for a shade that has less red in it to keep that calming feel.

Be careful not to choose a lavender that’s too dark or saturated. Too much blue can make a room feel cold or even sad.

Let Calgary House Painters Help

Make your house a relaxing haven by choosing calming paint colours that are mellow and soothing.

When you choose colours that imitate nature, your mind will be whisked away to warm summer afternoons with blue skies and green leaves. With imagery like that, you can’t help but relax and unwind.

We invite you to contact our house painters in Calgary to see how we can help transform your home into a peaceful retreat.