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Hiring Professional Painters Can Boost Home Value

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Design experts and professional painters have found that a fresh coat of paint with popular colors can increase a home’s value! 

Simple tips from professional painters

A new paint job isn’t that expensive and the return investment can be a lot of money! Be careful with what colors you choose. Some colors can decrease a home’s selling value!

Want to know what colors to use?

Don’t fear, because Zillow Digs has analyzed the impacts of each room on the buyer. They’ve compared rooms with similar features, but different colors. This way, they were able to see the impact that room colors would have on the price.



Homes with yellow kitchens have seen an increase in value price of $1,360! A warm neutral or buttery yellow works best. Yellow shades that are deep or too saturated aren’t as attractive to potential buyers.

Decorating magazines often show white kitchens, but this color can backfire.

Studies have shown that white kitchens could come off as cold to the buyer. And they saw a decrease in value with an average of $82 less in value than expected.


The best choice is to use a light green or blue. Khaki also works. These colors make a bedroom feel classy.These colors have increased value prices by an average of $1,322.

Dark brown bedrooms sold for less than what was expected.

Living Room

Neutral colors are the most popular.

Homes with dove or light grays have boosted the average value price by $1,104. Terra-cotta-colored or orange shades are the worst choices that you could make for this room. These colors can decrease the value price by an average of $793!

Dining Room

A lavender, mauve, or eggplant colored dining room has seen an increase of value price by $1,122!

Grays, especially slate or dark colored, have seen a decrease in value price by an average of $1,112.


Tans, oatmeal, or beige have increased value by $283. Meanwhile, dark browns have sold for less than $469 on average!

Laundry Room

Color experts have found that brighter colors work best for this room. The laundry room colors that are trending are oranges, reds, teal, and turquoise.

Exteriors and trim

Remember to paint the exterior in order to increase your home\’s curb appeal. One of the most important factors is the door, because it’s the exterior’s focal point. Neutral colors on the exterior of your house can work to great effect.

Be sure to also paint the trim to perk up a room.

Freshly painted white trim can add a lot of value to your home.

When choosing your colors…

Be sure to take floor tiling into account when choosing the right shades of colors. Pay attention to what gloss level you choose. Flat, velvet, or eggshell are great for interiors. A higher sheen looks best in kitchens or bathrooms.

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