Room makeover

Are You Ready For a Room Makeover? Get Painting!

Did you know that 56% of home improvement projects cost more than $1,000?

Home improvement can be expensive, even if you’ve set out to complete what seems to be a small project. From new flooring to new lighting, the costs of making over a room adds up quickly.

Want to change the look and ambiance of a room? You’ll want to start with repainting the walls.

Changing wall color can completely transform a room.

Need some convincing? Here are 4 reasons why starting with painting is ideal for any room makeover.



1. It’s Inexpensive

There’s nothing worse than wanting to redo a room but not having a big budget. The good news is that putting a new color on the walls won’t cost you more than a couple hundred dollars.

Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to transform a room. Want to upgrade your room to a trendy space?

This year’s top wall colors include:

  • Deep turquoise
  • Windsor pink
  • Chinoiserie red
  • Dark plum
  • Autumn maple

Taking your walls from drab to fab can breathe new life into your home.

2. It’s Quick

Some room makeover projects can take weeks, if not months. If you’re looking to make an immediate change to your room, painting is the best option.

While it’s best to paint during the warmer months, you can paint a room at any time. With enough air circulation, there’s always a time to paint!

In just a few hours, your room can be colored into something you’ve always dreamed of.

Use warm colors to create a homey and cozy feel to the room. Neutral blues and greens are relaxing and calming.

3. There Are Endless Options

When it comes to painting, the options are truly endless. Not only are there hundreds of paint colors to choose from, you can also use patterns and textures.

You can paint the entire room for a cohesive look. Or you can paint one wall with an accent color to make it pop when entering the room.

Let’s not forget that paint can hide pesky flaws in a room! From discoloration to old baseboards, paint brings new life into a room.

4. You Can Create an Illusion

Tired of feeling cramped in your office or bedroom?

If so, you can use paint to make the room feel and look bigger than it is. To create this illusion:

  • Paint walls and trim the same color
  • Use cool neutral colors
  • Embrace accent colors

Combined with textures and patterns, paint is the best way to add depth to small spaces.

Professional Room Makeover Services

Painting isn’t hard, but making over a room without a real vision can be a waste of time and money.

Want to ensure that you’re making the best painting decisions? Want to work with a professional to makeover your home?

If so, you’ll want to contact our team at Paysons Painting. We specialize in interior paintings. We can help you come up with design ideas to spruce up any room in your home.

Contact our Calgary painters today to schedule a consultation.