Modern kitchen interior design

Simple Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchens can be one of the priciest areas in a home to refurbish.

However, it’s possible to add value to the most hardworking room of your home without going broke. Even if you’re just looking for a way to update your decor, the kitchen could be an easy place to start.

Plus, did you know that even a minor kitchen remodel can increase the value of your Calgary home? It gives an 80 percent return on value. It’s something to think about if you ever want to sell in the future.

Calgary painters, decorators, and construction people know the value of a small renovation project. Cosmetic upgrades are some of the most common jobs they do for homeowners.

Wonder how to revitalize your kitchen? Here’s everything you need to know:

Let There Be Light

When someone walks into a room, the first thing they usually do is look up at the lighting. Make yours stand out.

Think strategically about where to place your lights.

Over the workspace and in dark corners are popular spots. An easy way to make your kitchen instantly more glamorous is puck lights over the top cabinets.

For a cheap but super chic look, put rope lights under your kickplate. This will totally enhance the ambiance while functioning as a night light for midnight snackers.

Refresh Cabinet Paint Using Calgary Painters

Painting is an easy way to improve your kitchen on a budget. That perfect room makeover can turn out to be something as simple as a coat of paint.

A popular way to bring new life to this space is sprucing up kitchen cabinets with a new color. Whether made of wood or laminate, there’s a type of paint for every type of cabinet.

For a professional-looking finish, get a quote from one of the Calgary painters that do interior painting jobs. Using a painter will pay off in the long run as the job will last longer.

Change Your Kitchen Hardware

The devil is in the details, and kitchen hardware is one detail you shouldn’t overlook.

You can replace knobs, hinges and pulls for only a few dollars per door. Think of your kitchen as an outfit, and the hardware as its jewelry.

Combine more upscale hardware with the paint suggestions above. This way, you’ll have a million-dollar look without breaking the bank.

Make the look even more luxurious by browsing antique shops for well-crafted vintage knobs.

The great thing about hardware is that it’s versatile. You can even go quirky and buy some in the shape of a fruit or animal head. Lion heads or pineapple draw pulls, anyone?

One thing you should look out for when shopping is that the new hardware matches the existing hole locations.

Get Some Room Inspiration Now

For more ways to make over your home for less, check out our blog. We’ve got some great ideas and kitchen inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! Contact our painters Calgary today!