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The Hottest 2021 Paint Colour Trends To Brighten Up Fall and Winter

Colourful leaves, pumpkin patches, and pop-up Halloween stores herald the coming of fall this time of year. And as the turning of the seasons turns the outdoors vibrant colours of red, gold, brown, and yellow, you might look at your bland house and frown a little.

We like to paint our walls in neutrals. White goes with everything, after all. But sometimes that paint can feel bland and boring.

As summer fades away outside, you might find yourself wanting to keep that warmth just a little longer. A coat of paint is an easy, fun way to breathe new life into a room.

If you’re ready for a weekend painting project, check out these 2021 paint colour trends. They’re guaranteed to brighten up your space and bring home your decorative style.


2021 Paint Colour Trends to Breathe Life into Your Home

If you’re looking for inspiration, fall is one of the best seasons. The colours of turning leaves and bright bonfires can translate to bold paint colours or quiet warmth, depending on your style. Here are a few colours to consider when you talk to your painter or a salesperson at your local hardware store.

1. Marigold

For those who like going out on a decorative limb, marigold is a great wall colour option. It’s a statement hue, a golden yellow with hints of orange.

If you’re nervous about coming right out with bright yellow walls, test the colour in your space first with an accent wall or a piece of painted furniture. Your local antique shop or salvage store may have a weathered dresser or buffet that’s just perfect for a weekend painting project!

2. Olive

Looking for a soothing, calm colour to paint your walls? Olive, a green with hints of brown, is a great option. It works especially well in a room featuring lots of dark woods or leather furniture.

Olive is also a versatile color. A lighter shade can be inviting and lively, but a dark shade of the green colour evokes stability and natural comforts.

3. Navy Blue

You wouldn’t think of navy right off the bat if someone asked you to name warm, inviting colours. But if your decorative style leans toward cool tones — grays, silvers, blues — a dark navy can make a room really pop.

Blue is a calming colour, and darker shades make a room seem cozy and inviting. And since design trends embrace cooler colours these days, it’s a great colour if you’re looking for something modern in your home.

Falling Leaves and Frosted Window Panes

As the temperatures drop outside, these colours will preserve the last vestiges of summer warmth inside your home. And if you need some help putting paint on those walls, call our Airdrie painters today! We\’re happy to help you liven up your life.