Accent wall

Consider Painting an Accent Wall!

Many homeowners want to bring more colour into their homes.

When you get down to it, it is a very smart decision. Depending on the colour and room you choose, you could add up to five thousand dollars to your home’s value! For example, for a living room, avoid orange and stick with neutrals like light grey.

Read below for some reasons an accent wall is a smart choice to make when painting your home.

Highlight Unique Architecture

If you are lucky to have a home with interesting architectural features, definitely consider choosing a colour to accent it. If you paint special features a separate colour, it will draw peoples’ eyes in and make it stand out.

For example, if your home came with built-in bookshelves, make the space around them a different colour. Have a window seat? Paint that wall differently than the other walls in the space to highlight it.

Define an Area with an Accent Wall

Open layouts sometimes prove challenging when considering paint colours. Spaces may blend into each other with no clear separation. Consider choosing a wall to paint in a different colour to create a feeling of definition.

Maybe you have a breakfast area between your kitchen and living room area. Put a fun colour up in that one area and it will help delineate one area from the other.

Fun Backdrop and Focal Point

When you plan accent walls, they do not simply have to be solid coloured walls. Stripes are a popular choice and would be a good backdrop for solid-coloured furniture.

Want some extra glam? Maybe try a metallic paint or do a faux finish.

Add Colour

An accent wall is a good way to add colour to your room and walls without making a huge commitment. Many homeowners fret over choosing a colour for every wall in a room.

Adding colour to one wall of a room can also break up rooms that are all neutral or too matchy with furniture. Before deciding on your wall colour, take time exploring with colour swatches to ensure you will love the finished product.

Control the Perception of the Room

If you have a less than ideal shaped room, utilizing colour as an accent can really change a room’s feel. Being strategic with colour can alter how you and others perceive the room.

For example, place a warm colour on a wall to draw a person in. This will make the room feel warmer and cosier. Cool toned colours work in the opposite way. They can make a small room feel much larger.

Using these techniques pay off if you have an especially long room such as a formal dining room.

It’s Time to Get Painting

Now you should understand all the ways accent walls can benefit you and your home. Let colour be your home decorating friend.

Want to discuss your painting ideas or questions? Contact our house painters Calgary and we can help you achieve your colour dreams!