Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to make your home painting experience as easy as possible.  Please look through our FAQ and If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us today. 

We offer complete house painting services.  Interior or exterior.  For interior we can paint your ceilings, trim, doors, railings, and cabinetry.  For exterior we can tackle your stucco, siding, trim, doors, decks, and fences.  Painting or staining we can take care of it all.

This will depend on the work that needs to be completed, and if its interior or exterior.  For example if its interior we will need to know if the ceilings, trim, doors, closets, railings, or just the walls need painting.  If we are painting all surfaces we will need between 1-2 weeks for an average home Once a house is quoted and we have all our measurements we can then determine the time it will take.

This is another question that will depend on what needs to be painted.  The cost to paint a home will very greatly depending on what needs to be accomplished.  We offer 100% free no pressure quotes so we can nail down a precise cost for you. 

Yes.  For interior we can spray your ceilings, trim and doors.  We also offer fine finish spraying for your cabinetry and railings.

For exterior we typically spray and back roll some surfaces such as stucco, siding, and fences. 

Absolutely!  The biggest task of any beautiful paint job is the preparation before we even crack a paint can.  Depending on the surface to be painted we will scrape, sand, caulk, prime, patch and fill.  We take great pride in getting the surfaces we paint to look as good as they possibly can. 

As a standard we will always apply two coats.  Some surfaces will require a primer or undercoat before we apply the top coats.  Any new drywall or bare wood will be primed.  If we are dealing with a hard to cover colour we will apply an undercoat for better coverage of the top coat. 

We offer a few ways to choose the new colours for you home.  If you already have a colour in mind we can have our paint store match it.  Additionally we can drop off a colour fan for you to browse through.  Finally we offer a free colour consult from our designer if you need professional help.  Once you choose your colours we will apply some test samples in your home.  Its always best to see it right on the surfaces so you can make sure its a colour you love. 

We will only ever apply top of the line coatings to your home.  If it doesnt go in our home its not going in yours.  We offer top quality paint selections from Cloverdale and Benjamin Moore. 

While all paint will have an odor, we use low VOC water based coatings.  They do smell slightly but are harmless and will disperse quite quickly.   

You bet!  Of course its nice to leave and come back to a freshly painted home.  Many people work from home these days and we can accommodate that.  We will start and finish what we are painting each day.  That way we are only in the area we are painting and are not all throughout the home.  We will find a corner to put our tools and clean up each day.  We want to respect your home and lifestyle as much as possible to keep things easy and stress free for you. 

Every person on our team is a full time employee and we do not use subcontractors.  

Yes we are licensed by the city.  We are fully insured and we also carry WCB coverage.  All our numbers and information can be supplied at your request. 

Absolutely.  We stand behind our work 100%.  Our interior work is warrantied for 3 years and 2 years for our exterior work.  That covers labor and materials.  That means if you spot any touchups or failing paint in that time frame we will repair it no questions asked. 

We take credit card, check, e transfer, apple pay, and bank transfer.